top.gif (6421 bytes)Tall Roses

side.gif (7382 bytes)The taller roses, 4 - 6 feet in height, have many uses in the garden.

They make excellent hedges and screens.  Put them along a fence or the border of your garden.  Use them to cover up something you don't want everyone to see, an LP gas tank for example.  There continuous color and good foliage make them ideal for this type of informal application.

Use them as foundation planting instead of the traditional evergreen shrubs along your house.  Just make sure they are not directly under the drip line - you don't want to have all the snow falling off your roof on top of the roses during the winter.

Use them in the center of a mixed border.  They will reach their peak bloom in June, before many of the perennials that are the backbone of the mixed border come into full bloom.

They also make ideal specimen plants by themself.

The applications are endless.

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