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side.gif (7382 bytes)We are pleased to offer Gromax 20-15-5 (N-P-K) fertilizer tablets.

These slow release fertilizer tablets will feed your roses for 2 growing seasons.  They are temperature and moisture activated, so the nutrients are available at a controlled rate when your roses most need them.

We have been testing this fertilization for the last 2 years and are quite pleased with the results.  We add 2 tablets in the spring when we plant new bushes, and in the fall, about the time the roses are going dormant - late October-early November, we add 2 more tablets to the rootzone of each bush in our garden.  The roses are then primed for active growth when the soil warms and moisture activates the slow release tablets.  We have noted increased winter hardiness in some of the less winter hardy roses, improved vigor, and more flowering shoots in the spring.

1 packet - 25 tablets  $ 5.00

Fertilizer will ship free with your order of roses.

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