top.gif (6421 bytes)Centifolia Roses

side.gif (7382 bytes)Centifolia Roses have been known as the cabbage roses because of the fullness of the bloom.  The flowers are usually extremely double.

As a group, Centifolia Roses are noted for their strong upright growth, cold hardiness, and fullness of their double bloom.

The blooms are usually relatively large and fully double.  Their fragrance is intense and sweet.  Colors range from white to pink.  They bloom profusely in late spring - early summer.

They make excellent border plants and hedges.  The mature plant size varies from ~3 foot to 5-6 foot specimens.  Plants typically have the vase shaped form - narrow at the base with cascading canes at the top.  It is not uncommon for the canes to bend nearly to the ground under the weight of the blooms.


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