top.gif (6421 bytes)530   Hippolyte

Class:  Gallica
Color:  Mauve Blend
Form:  Double
Height:  Medium  3-4 Feet
Bloom Season:  Spring/Summer
Fragrance:  Moderately Fragrant
Introduced:  1800
Hardiness:  Zone 3 (-30 - 40 F)
Stock Status:   Available
Price:   $  20.00

Hippolyte is another example of the deep, dark colors that can be found in the older Gallicas.  Hippolyte was developed on the cusp of the peak Gallica popularity.  It has remained popular for over 200 years.  The foliage is rarely bothered by disease.  Winter hardiness is excellent.  The moderately fragrant flowers are unique and the colors change to an almost purple smoke color as the flowers age.  It is no wonder Hippolyte is still popular.

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