top.gif (6421 bytes)304   New Dawn

Class:  Climber
Color:  light Pink
Form:  Double
Height:  Climbing
Bloom Season:  Continuous
Fragrance:  Very Fragrant
Introduced:  1930
Hardiness:  Zone 4 (-20 - 30 F)
Stock Status:   Available
Price:     .

$ 20.00

New Dawn was one of the first repeat blooming climbing roses, and it has set the standard that we use to judge all other repeat blooming climbing roses.  Most fail to live up to the standard that New Dawn has established.  The light pink, fragrant flowers appear in the spring, and they repeat, continuously through October.   Fragrance is excellent.  Hardiness is hard to beat.  The glossy leaves are almost never bothered by disease.  The long canes are supple and pliable which makes them easy to train on a trellis.  We recommend it highly.

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