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Class:  Rugosa
Color:  Dark
Form:  Double
Height:  Tall  4 - 6 Feet
Bloom Season:  Continuous
Fragrance:  Intense Fragrant
Introduced:  1901
Hardiness:  Zone 4 (-20 - 40 F)
Stock Status:  Not Available
Price:    $

Another of the Rugosa treasure.  One of the easiest and most satisfying of the rugosas to grow.  Roseraie de I'Hay slowly builds up to a 5ft tall by 5ft wide bush.  This is anther of the more branching form of growth found in the rugosas.   Roseraie de I'Hay is healthy -highly resistant to blackspot mildew.  It is one of the earliest to bloom (late May in Ohio) and will still be blooming in October.   Roseraie de I'Hay rarely sets hips.

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