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Class:  Portland
Color:  Deep Pink
Form:  Double
Height:  Low  2-3 Feet
Bloom Season:  Continuous
Fragrance:  Very Fragrant
Introduced:  1940 (Reintroduced)
Hardiness:  Zone 5 (-10 - 20 F)
Stock Status: Not Available
Price:    $ 

Rose de Rescht is a smaller, upright growing damask.  It was "rediscovered" in Iran and reintroduced to commerce in 1940.  It has actually been around for a lot longer.  The color is intense very deep pink, combined with the typical damask fragrance - very strong with subtle undertones of musk - very complex.  Rose de Rescht has proven to be reliably hardy in Ohio's winters with only minimal die back at the tips.  It may show some blackspot on the older leaves after the first flush of blooms, but it continues to bloom into October,

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