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Class:  Gallica
Color:  Mauve Blend
Form:  Double
Height:  Medium  3-4 Feet
Bloom Season:  Spring/Summer
Fragrance:  Moderately Fragrant
Introduced:  1840
Hardiness:  Zone 3 (-30 - 40 F)
Stock Status:   Available
Price:   $14.00


Superb Tuscan (aka Tuscany Superb) is probably one of the darkest roses ever grown.  The dusky purple is a standout in the spring and early summer.  Superb Tuscan is a sport of Tuscany - it is identical in all repects except the flowers are even more double.  Superb Tuscan makes an attractive rounded medium sized bush in our garden.  Wouldn't it look lovely planted with some yellow coreopsis?

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