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Class:  Damask
Color:  Medium Pink
Form:  Double
Height:  Tall   (5-7 Feet)
Bloom Season:  Spring/summer
Fragrance:  Very Fragrant
Introduced:  Before 1832
Hardiness:  Zone 4 (-20 - 30 F)
Stock Status:  Not Available
Price:  $

Ispahan is one of the great Damasks.  Ispahan blooms with medium pink flowers over a long season in the spring/early summer-almost a month.  The fragrance is intoxicating.  Cold hardiness is somthing to be relished-Ispahan is hardy to the tips in our garden.  The matte green foliage is almost never bothered by any diease.   The bush has the cascading fountain form, narrow at the bass with cascading canes that band over to the ground under the weight of all the flowers.

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